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About Jope Services

JOPE ENERGY COMPANY LTD has been and remains committed to the basic philosophy of efficient service delivery. With the development of our foreign & local procurement policy, we also do major trucking, and logistics support to any destination within Nigeria JOPE ENERGY has developed into a fully-fledged industry leader in Nigeria. Our Code of Conduct speaks to the best of who we are and
is integral to our continuing efforts to build the character of our workforce and our company.

In the very best sense of this tradition, we aspire to be ""BEST SERVICE PROVIDERS." As such,we also spend considerable time and energy building the foundation for a JOPE ENERGY that will be prospering 100 years in the future.

More About Us

Our range of flexible services provide our customers with various reliable recruitment options including elite employment services in the Nigeria labour market and abroad.

Technical Leadership

Our success stories are based on strong technical decisions with great expertise from experienced engineers.

What We Do

  • Procurement
  • Man power
  • Marine vessels
  • Valve replacement
  • Ware housing
  • General logistics
  • Facility Mangaement

Our Mission

To effectively reduce the turnaround time of procurement and services with the collaboration of world renowned manufacture of oil and gas equipment and to provide logistics services with seamless assurance.


To be the best in services and delivery of major essential services to the oil and gas industry.

Our Culture

We create a challenging, safe and rewarding environment that people want to be a part of our tradition
stability, and established reputation as a contractor provide long-term career opportunities for our employees .Innovation, leadership, personal integrity, a positive attitude, and a passion for the work are essential traits that define individual success in our company.


jope Energy Company Ltd

Our Code of Conduct speaks to the best of who we are and is integral to our continuing efforts to build the character of our workforce and our company